2018 Theme


In the infinite nature of time there are moments that are unavoidable, moments that we would replay 1,000 times over and others we would avoid at all costs. Taking inspiration from the internal journey that all humans embark on, the Leeds RAG Fashion Show considers humanities shared moments in time – moments that join us. We invite you to experience the infinite story of time from the genesis, the conflict, the resolution and the end. The Leeds Rag Fashion Show 2018 will reflect time as an experience, it will break the boundaries of normal fashion with immersive design and a completely redesigned stage. With our 5 scenes we will take the audience on a journey through time itself, in a show that will truly be TIME.LESS.

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Promotional Materials

Created by LRFS Committee | Photography by: Lucy Rose Jones.

An actress whose work spans a lifetime, Audrey Hepburn’s style has been recognised as a turning point in fashion – helping to introduce an understated yet androgynous sense to Cinema. Hepburn’s simple style still influences women today; a trend that continues to transcend today’s fashion. #LRFS18




Created by LRFS Committee | Photography by: Lucy Rose Jones.

One of the most iconic of the Hollywood movie stars, Marylin Monroe iconised the ‘blonde bombshell’ with a style that is now considered classic. Her distinctive girl-next-door turned pin-up star style has continued to be referenced throughout time. #LRFS18




Created by LRFS Committee | Photography by: Lucy Rose Jones.

Once ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra is known for bringing reconciliation to a country at war with her intelligence and peaceful mind-set. A woman of power, she displayed her authority through her clothing too, making bold statements and solidifying her individuality through fashion and beauty. Her timeless style has remained to be admired. #LRFS18




Created by LRFS Committee | Photography by: Lucy Rose Jones.

Actor turned Model turned Global Superstar; James Dean still poses as a major style and cultural icon today. His star status has continued to influence pop culture since the mid-1950s and his iconic fashion is still a reference point for much of today’s street style. He is the embodiment of an individual who has the capacity to transcend.time. #LRFS18

james dean