The day is finally here! After months of preparation, dedication, hard work, love and the occasional tear, LRFS18 will come together in a spectacular show this evening. Read below each team’s reflection of their time on this year’s committee – does it inspire you to join in next year?


El Dive

Head of Charity – El

I have loved being a part of such an amazing and dedicated committee, the biggest committee yet! My role involves liaising with our two chosen charities, Leeds Mind and Dementia UK, keeping them updated with our fundraising progress and plans for the Show. I have found my role so rewarding, as raising money and awareness for charity is at the heart of the show. I have had the opportunity to work with many different teams within committee, from Fundraising to Social Media, and enjoyed getting to know such a great group of people. I can’t wait to see the results of everyone’s hard work!


Social Media – Christa and Maisie

We really wanted to make a statement with this year’s social media and through such strong visuals, graphics, videos and cinemagraphs, we have had so much fun anticipating and releasing the theme of the show! We have really enjoyed growing the LRFS audience, reaching out to new influencers, creating relationships with people across various platforms and promoting such an amazing cause in such a fun way! Our attention to detail is key in everything we do and aesthetics play a huge part in our social media strategy.

As Social Media Managers, we are fortunate enough to liaise with many teams within the committee itself; from the Directors and Stylists, to the Marketing and Graphics teams, which means that we have built such strong relationships with everyone. We are proud to say that this is the first year that LRFS have recruited 2 Social Media Managers (instead of one) to run the social media platforms, and this is due to the fact that social media has become such a significant part of our society. Working together as a small team has been a fabulous experience, as we are able to produce double the content and create an even better buzz for the show (you know what they say, two minds are always better than one).


Naomie Walsh

Press and PR – Bella and Naomi

We have both loved every minute of being on LRFS18’s committee! Being newcomers to the show, we didn’t know quite what to expect in the beginning. Now on the day of the show we’re overwhelmed with how much we have gained and learnt from our time working towards it. It has taught us so much in a short space of time, and even though it surpassed all expectations in terms of workload, it also provided more incredible experiences than we could have hoped for. From our first committee meeting to our last, we’ve been able to craft the show’s PR campaign into exactly what we wanted it to be, and also got involved in other areas where we were needed. The collaborative nature of the committee was such a blessing to us as it meant we pulled off flash mobs, a calendar shoot, interviews, features and photo shoots all to promote the show. The PR campaign can be as big or as small as your hard work and imagination allows, and we’ve enjoyed working with each other to try and make this the biggest year yet in terms of press coverage and hype. It’s been an unforgettable journey and we are so sad it’s come to an end!


Lucy Rose Jones

Creative Consultant – Lucy

As a first timer in joining LRFS, I did not quite anticipate just how much work goes into the show, from promotion and marketing to sponsorship and production, nor did I anticipate to meet such a vast network of truly inspiring, determined and hard-working people. I have so much respect for each and every member of fantastic, student-led committee, what we have achieved and, how hard they have each worked to bring together a remarkable, sold out show. Sure, there has been a lot of stress beneath all the glamour, but I have learnt so much and had the opportunity to produce some really great work. Most of all, I have loved working with talented stylists, make-up artists and models to produce an array of creative imagery to promote the show. It has been invaluable to be granted that kind of creative control, lead shoots, and to see our work in magazines, on posters, and on the screens around campus. To see our work receive the praise and recognition it deserves is an unforgettable feeling.

LRFS is undoubtedly one of the greatest experiences of real life a student can have within a university environment, and the fast-paced environment and real time deadlines has greatly prepared me for future experiences in the real world.


Sponsorship – Laura, Amelia, Emma, Roisin

Helping to produce the 10-year anniversary show for LRFS has been an amazing and eye-opening experience. With very little to start from we managed to create a plan that allowed us to work with some amazing brands and build great industry contacts. The skills that we have acquired through the process are skills that we would not be able to get from anywhere else at university. These are then skills that will give us a head start when it comes to finding careers once we graduate.

Being in a team where your work affects the whole running of the show has definitely been a rewarding experience. The committee this year was incredible and it made all the hard work worthwhile when we saw the sponsorship package translated into incredible graphics and marketing strategies which have really pushed for university-wide exposure for our sponsors.

The role of sponsorship was never going to be easy, but through perseverance and dedication to the show we were able to secure sponsors in each tier. We would like to say a huge thank you to Student High Street, our gold sponsor, TeachFirst, our silver sponsor, and Lansdowne group, our bronze sponsor. We would also like to extend our thanks to the M&S Company Archive for their incredibly generous donation.


Rebecca Burrows

Graphic Design – Rebecca

I can confidently say that the Leeds RAG Fashion Show has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. My time working as the graphic designer for this year’s committee has been so much more than just something that ‘looks great on the CV’. Although I’d be lying if I said that I’d expected the workload to be quite as much as it has been, I’ve met some amazing people, learned so much and it’s all been for charity. I’d like to thank Dan, Joe and Joey from Saul Studio in particular for their work throughout this process. They’ve taught me a lot, been very patient with us as a committee and played a vital part in bringing the early stages of TIME.LESS to life. The whole committee have worked so hard, we couldn’t have achieved what we have without each other, but I’d like to shout out the marketing team in particular. We’ve become a little family, and achieved a lot together. This wouldn’t have been the show it is today without Nick, Jon, Kiran and Brogan’s visions and organisation. Between managing the miscommunications, delays and expectations, we got here in the end. It’s been more than worth it and we have all created something really special. Cheers to LRFS 2018.