10 Years of LRFS

From 2008, the Leeds RAG Fashion Show (LRFS) has been an unparalleled success in the Leeds University Union Calendar, winning ‘Event of the Year’ numerous times since it began 10 years ago. LRFS is the biggest RAG (Raising-And-Giving) event and one of the most anticipated University events of the year, held in high esteem by the Leeds business and student community alike.

Samsara (2017)

Every year LRFS introduces a new and exciting theme, meaning that no two shows are ever the same. Some of the past themes include Samsara (2017) which turned the elements of the earth into clothing, Through the Looking Glass (2015), which transported the audience into a fairytale world and Wanderlust (2014), a show that brought together the features from different world environments and made them the center piece of the fashion show.

Every year LRFS brings together a diverse group of glamorous models who work tirelessly to give sleek and professional performances, in order to showcase the beautiful pieces donated by both national and international designers. This year is no different as we proudly present our 2018 team made up of 100 wonderful models.

Through The Looking Glass (2015)

As well as working with designers, models and artists, LRFS also collaborates with many creative teams to continuously bring life and innovation to the show. This year, We are also working closely with Lippy Magazine to produce content that gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of LRFS 2018.

Over the past ten years, the fashion show has raised money for many amazing charities that work tirelessly to make positive changes to all aspects of life. These charities include, WaterAid, Candlelighters, SUDEP Action (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy),  and SARSVL (a group dedicated to supporting those affected by sexual violence in Leeds),  Leeds Mind, The Richard Mayne Foundation, Labour Behind the Label and Cruelty Free International. Although every year is special when it comes to LRFS, this year we mark our 10 year anniversary, so in order to celebrate this milestone we aim to break all previous record by raising £18,000 for our chosen charities, Leeds Mind and Dementia UK.

Wanderlust (2014)

Of course the show could not happen without our sponsors, the funding that they provide allows us to raise as much for our charities as possible. So many dedicated sponsors have supported us in the past, allowing LRFS to get better and better each year. In our 10th year we would like to thank each and every sponsor that has provided for us through our journey, and we look forward to working with those who are yet to come.