The Leeds RAG Fashion Show (LRFS) is an annual event held at the University of Leeds that gives fashion a conscience. Each year the committee chooses two truly deserving charities and creates a series of fundraising events, crowned by the fashion show itself, to raise as much money as possible.

This year is the tenth anniversary of the show, and committee is determined to make this the most successful show yet. Reflecting on years past, they have identified three key aspirations for this year’s show to be: charity-focussed, inclusive and record-breaking. LRFS are extremely grateful to all the people and businesses that have been kind enough to donate their time, money or products to create some truly unforgettable shows. From the clothes and makeup to VIP gifts, raffle prizes and welcome drinks, we rely on local, national and international businesses’ support to produce the show. Without their generosity, the shows would simply not be possible. We are aiming to exceed previous years by donating £18,000 to our two worthy causes – Leeds Mind and Dementia UK.

LRFS is ran by a committee of 30 students at the University who volunteer their time for free. Headed by two Directors, the committee manages everything from production and styling to fundraising, sponsorship and marketing. All of the models in the show are also students, and this year LRFS’ recruitment call emphasised that we wanted our models to be as representative and inclusive as possible. Our only stipulation was that they had to be as passionate about charity, fashion and giving back as we are. For the night of the show, another 60 students are recruited as runners and dressers to help bring together the show.

LRFS is one of the University Union’s biggest events every year, and is part of the wider fundraising society at the University. Leeds RAG (Raise and Give) is Leeds University’s fundraising society, and every year they lead numerous events, challenges and treks for students so they can raise money for charity. These range from ‘Bike to Berlin’ to volunteering in countries such as Peru or Uganda, as well as events closer to home such as the wildly popular ‘Take Me Out’ show. Since 2012 they have raised over £1million for charities in over 18 countries, and they remain one of the biggest societies at the University. They are also completely managed by students, meaning that they don’t outsource any of the challenges they set up to companies outside the University. This is one of our proudest facts, as our student leaders are contributing to the management of a £300,000 a year fundraising enterprise.